About Us

We are in it together for a better world.

Founded in 2016, the Li & Fung Foundation was created to make a difference along the supply chain and in the communities where we live and work. As a Fung Group corporate foundation, we aim to harness our strengths, our global networks, our knowledge and our people, to make scalable and, sustainable positive impact. Helping to improve life quality is not new to us. Making positive impact is important to our values as an organization and as individuals. It’s part of our DNA. Leveraging thinking, technology and our networks, we want to channel our impact and build a better future. We are an organization that thrives on change, embraces innovation and a forward-thinking mindset.

We aspire to Make life better for a billion people in the supply chain. We know this is a big, bold goal and that achieving it is only possible with the help of many – our own people, partners and other collaborators. We are looking at solutions that can be scaled globally, drawing upon different perspectives and diverse experiences. We want to work with big thinkers, share open-source ideas and bring together the biggest hearts and minds to create scalable, sustainable change together with us. In our interconnected world, we know that the future lies in the hands of us all.

We’re excited about what the future holds and how our connected world can be harnessed for radical, scalable change.

Our Partners

We understand every person, every problem and every solution is different. We know we can’t change the world by ourselves and that’s why we work with partners to amplify positive impact. We believe in working alongside our colleagues globally to make the world a better place. Here are a few of the many partners we work with around the globe to make a positive impact in the communities where we live and work.

Meet the Foundation Team

Our Li & Fung Foundation team shares a passion for community work and a commitment to make a positive impact on our world.

  • Christine Ma Team Lead

    Christine Ma

    Team Lead

Executive Committee Members

Our Board brings together a diverse group of business leaders who exemplify the courage and heart it takes to put purpose at the center of our business.

  • Terence Fung, Co-Chair, Li & Fung Foundation, Executive Vice President - Corporate Services at Li & Fung (Trading) Ltd

    Terence Fung


  • Stephen Fung


  • Senior Vice President and Executive Committee Member of Li & Fung  and the Li & Fung Foundation

    Spencer Fung

    Executive Committee Member

  • Rick Darling, Executive Committee  Member, Li & Fung Foundation, Executive Director of Government & Trade Relations, and Corporate Sustainability at Li & Fung Limited

    Rick Darling

    Executive Committee Member

  • Alice Lai, Executive Committee  Member, Li & Fung Foundation. Executive Director, Li&Fung (trading) Ltd

    Alice Lai

    Executive Committee Member